Aikane Kauai Ocean View Vacation Rental Home at Poipu Beach, Hawaii

Brennecke's Beach just around the corner from Aikane Kauai  

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Disclaimer: We have no affiliation with any company listed. The information is provided as a convenience without guarantees, assurances, warranties or representations, implied or otherwise.

We do our best to keep up with changes but please let us know if any information below is incorrect or if you've had a bad experience with any company or recommendation.


All 3 bedrooms have wall-mounted air conditioners however they are rarely needed. I designed our home to take advantage of the prevailing trade winds with good cross ventilation. For extra measure, the picture windows are double glazed with low-e glass, the home is fully insulated and all rooms have ceiling fans. This really is a comfortable place to stay!

As your host, a life long Kauai resident and avid hiker, I do not recommend air tours of any kind. There is so much to see by car, easy short walks, longer hikes and by boat; ways that are safer, fun, immersive, tactile and not as disruptive for people and animals on the ground. More info here and here.

The east shore coastal bike path is a really nice ride. You'll find rental bikes in the area. There is also some great single track mountain biking. Outfitters Kauai is located nearby and has bikes for rent and also offers a bike tour. Caution: the roads here are generally narrow and shoulders are not always well maintained.

Our favorite is Allerton Garden. We also like the grounds around Plantation Gardens Restaurant where they have a nice collection of orchids. There is also a small cactus garden in the back that was started by the plantation manager who lived there before it was transformed into a restaurant. The grounds are free and open any time.

We occasionally offer last minute discounts to fill gaps at Aikane Kauai. For example, if there is an open slot in the schedule within 30 days of arrival, we would be happy to offer a discount. Let us know if you want to be put on the special alert email list.

Emergency phone number on Kauai is 911.

If calling from the house, you are at 2271 Nalo Road, Poipu.
I was told that the 911 Dispatcher on Kauai can find your location as long as your cell phone "Location" setting is on.

For non-emergencies, there is a doctor that makes house calls in Poipu.

The closest Medical Clinic is in Koloa at 5371 Koloa Road, Koloa, HI 96756
Phone: (808) 742-1621
Hours: 8:30 a.m. to noon and 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday. They do take walk-ins but it can be a wait.

There is an Urgent Care Clinic in Lihue at 3-3420B Kuhio Highway , Lihue, HI 96766 Phone: (808) 245-1532
Hours: 8:00a.m.- 4:00p.m., daily, including weekends and holidays except New Years Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

Kauai's main hospital and emergency room is Wilcox Memorial Hospital
3-3420 Kuhio Highway, Lihue, HI 96766
Phone: (808) 245-1100
Emergency Room – 24 hours daily Phone: (808)245-1010

Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital/West Kauai Medical Center
4643 Waimea Canyon Drive, Waimea, HI 96796
Phone: (808) 338-9431

An early check-in may be fine. It depends on how our last guests left the house and whether additional maintenance is required. We are sometimes able to beat the official 4pm check in time. You are welcome to phone or text us at 808-639-4127 on your arrival day or send your cell # so we can let you know as soon as the house is ready.

Need a late check out? You are welcome to a later check out if there is no one arriving or no scheduled maintenance the day of your departure. It is best to phone us a day or two before departure. Guests leaving on a night flight will often book the night of departure in their reservation to have it guaranteed to allow a full day of fun, a leisurely dinner and time for showers before flying out.

Here are some ideas if you have a late flight out on your last day:

Save some of the longer drives like up to the Waimea Canyon and Kokee Park for your last day. The Kokee Lodge serves lunch and there are some nice walks or just relax in the cool meadow across from the lodge. The other long drive is to Hanalei and Haena. We like KP Lihue for dinner before flying out. KP is a small place in Lihue with tasty food and good service. They don't accept reservations and can get busy.

Other suggestions are visits to Allerton and McBryde Botanical Gardens, The Kauai Museum, Grove Farm Homestead Tour, Kukui Grove Cinema, and Kauai Coffee.

Resorts and clubs offer day passes which are subject to change. Check out YMCA and the Kauai Athletic Club. Both are in Lihue. The Poipu Beach Athletic Club did not offer drop in rates the last time I checked but have in the past. The Grand Hyatt in Poipu periodically offers day passes.

Aikane Kauai is an excellent choice for a family vacation. Our home is one of the closest to Poipu Beach Park with a protected lagoon and playground equipment over a spongy surface. There is a baby gate for the stairs, a high chair and pak-n-play at the house. There are also beach toys and boogie boards.

Contact Ready Rentals if you would like to rent a crib. You can make arrangements directly with them for which type of crib you prefer. They will deliver and pick up.

CAR or 4WD?
A car is essential if you want to explore. You really don't need a 4WD unless you want to get to Polihale in the winter or get to some of the interior back roads.

There are several taxi companies and ride sharing services on island. Once you're at the house there are 3 beaches, 3 restaurants, a deli and a surf shop within five minute walks. A public bus stop is about a third of a mile from the house.

The best deals I've heard for Kauai rentals are, and Costco Travel.

There is good scuba diving around Kauai, especially the reefs off Poipu. Poipu is also one of the best snorkeling areas year round. There are several dive shops in Poipu and Koloa.

Here are a few driving tips, customs and local laws.

1. Seat belts are mandatory and cell phone use is not allowed while driving.

2. Traffic: I try to avoid driving between Poipu and Lihue or Kapaa between 7am to 8:30am and 3:30pm to 6pm or allow for an extra 15 to 25 minutes at prime time. When coming back to Poipu from the north shore, try the Kapaa Bypass road. It's scenic and usually avoids the traffic. For some reason driving north through Kapaa is usually quite smooth but southbound is often stop-n-go.

3. Beware of cars making random U-Turns, sudden stops, half-way pullovers. Scenery, people, animals and sights are often distracting.

4. One-lane bridges are found all over the island. Common practice is to let 5 to 7 cars go at a time or clear the line. Then alternate.

5. Following the speed limit is good. Watch where limits change on downhill sections where its easy to go above the limit.

6. General courtesies like letting cars merge in is appreciated and usually received with a smile and a "shaka". Honking is almost always considered rude.

7. Basic directions: “Makai” (towards the ocean) and “mauka” (towards the mountain). Very useful on an island.

8. Roads can be blocked for hours for a variety of reasons and often no way around. It is also possible for the road to Hanalei to close for flooding. I've found the Kauai Traffic Alerts facebook group very helpful.

You can shore fish 100 yards from the house but watch for waves. The biggest ones may come in at 30 minute or longer intervals. For deep sea fishing try

We recommend waiting until you get here to book and see what’s happening with the weather.

All grocery stores on Kauai sell fresh locally caught fish but will vary depending on weather and luck. Koloa Fish Market usually has local caught fish and delicious lunches.

There are several companies that rent single and double kayaks for Wailua River. Not recommended on windy days.

Planning ahead is required to visit Haena State Park and the Kalalau trail at end of the road on the north shore. New rules are in place to encourage shuttle use and limit access to 900 visitors per day. No other beach on the island requires reservations. This does not apply to Haena Beach Park (Tunnels/Dry Cave) or Hawaii residents.

Park entry and shuttle or parking reservations are required and may only be purchased on line. They often sell out and there is no cell reception there. The last spot for reception with most carriers is Hanalei. Reservations were only available up to 2 weeks in advance but that may change. Roads/Parks periodically close for bridge repairs and events.

General Ke'e Beach/Haena Park info
Shuttle reservations and FAQ page.

Hiking permits are only required if going west of Hanakapi'ai Beach. Info on day use for Ke'e Beach and/or day hiking Kalalau Trail to Hanakapi'ai Beach/Falls:

A few tips: Reserve both a morning and afternoon parking permit if planning on hiking to Hanakai'ai beach or falls. Plan to be at Haena Beach Park (the county park by the dry cave) early to get a parking place. It usually fills up by 10am. Also note, Kuhio Hwy at Hanalei Bridge is periodically closed during periods of heavy rain.

Poipu Sheraton hosts a weekly luau on the beach close to the house. Smith's and Kilohana are about 35 and 20 minutes from the house, respectively, are very good. Be sure to sit in the front row for a chance at an impromptu hula lesson on stage  :-)

Some of our favorite things to do on Kauai;

Coastal walk from Shipwrecks (Hyatt) heading east along the bluffs continuing for about 3.5 miles. There are several beaches along the way. This is also a good place for whale watching too.

You can start from Aikane by walking down to the ocean then left on Pe’e Road for about a quarter mile. Look for a small parking lot and trail between Embassy Suites and Makahuena Condos. This is the start of a coastal path which runs in front of the Hyatt then to Shipwreck Beach.

There is generally good snorkeling in the protected bay between Poipu Beach Park and the Marriott, a 5 to 10 minute walk. There is also another protected bay about a mile west toward Spouting Horn adjacent to the Beach House Restaurant.

Check out the orchid and cactus gardens on the grounds surrounding the Plantation Gardens Restaurant. Also a nice place to enjoy food, drink and ambiance.

The Na Pali coast is spectacular! 3 ways to enjoy;

1. Drive north to the end of the road and park at Ke’e Beach and take the 2 mile hike to Hanakapi'ai Beach from there. Be sure to get a reservation first. We also really like going to the waterfall 2 miles inland. Caveats: Hanakapi'ai Beach can be super dangerous with currents. Be careful going across the stream there. A very nice taste of the trail is in the first half mile which takes you to a point where you can look down almost the entire Na Pali coastline.

2. View from the Kalalau lookout at Kokee State Park. There are 2 lookouts. There is a nice trail from the the second lookout along the ridge. We also really enjoy continuing along this trail (Pihea) to the Alakai Swamp Trail. The views are spectacular if not too cloudy. We've been out there many times when it looks completely socked in but over the course of eating lunch and resting the view often opens up.

3. My favorite way to see Na Pali is by boat. We've been out with both Na Pali Experience or Captain Andy's.

Waimea Canyon is also excellent. You can see much just from the road. Favorite hikes are Waipo'o Falls and Awa'awapuhi.

For adventure and zip lines, check out Outfitters Kauai. I've been on the kayak, hike, zip line tour with my kids. Really fun!

1. Queen's Bath in Princeville (injuries, rogue waves)
2. Kipu Falls (injuries, now officially closed)
3. Use extreme caution at Hanakapi'ai, Lumahai and Polihale Beaches. These beaches are known for strong currents. ALL beaches on Kauai can be safe and ALL can be dangerous. It's not always obvious. Sometimes the biggest waves have intervals of 30 minutes or more.

Poipu Bay and the Kiahuna Courses are within a half mile from the house. You'll find a greater mix of residents and visitors the Kukuiolono Golf Course and Wailua Municipal Golf Course. Kukuiolono is a 9 hole course about 20 minutes from the house. Wailua is about 35 minutes away and is located along the coast. Check out the Kauai Golf Course Guide for more info.

Leaving Lihue Airport, Kukui Grove Shopping Center is on your left about a quarter mile out of Lihue on your way to Poipu. This where you'll find Safeway (open 24/7), Times Supermarket and CostCo.

There are two grocery stores in Koloa (2 miles from the house). Big Save is across from Koloa Post Office and is like a small Safeway. Sueoka's (ABC) is where Highway 520 meets Koloa.

Kukui'ula Store is in a small strip center on Poipu Road about half way between Koloa and Poipu. Living Foods is in the nearby Kukui'ula Shopping Center. This is a high-end grocery/health food store that also has delicious prepared food and baked goods.

Brennecke's is a mini sundries store located across from Poipu Beach Park about 3 blocks from the house.

Most food is imported and expensive no matter where purchased. The smaller grocery stores compete well on price and usually have and local produce, fresh fish and beef. Also check out the farmer's markets.

I've found 2 grocery shopping services on Kauai but do not have first hand experience with either: Kiis and InstaMart. Please be sure deliveries are scheduled for after 4pm on your arrival day.

Shopping note: It can take 12 hrs to chill a full load of tropical temperature items put in an empty refrigerator. Buy heavy items like drinks already chilled or load the most perishable and just a few drinks at first for best results.

The closest once to the house are Living Foods in Poipu, Vim 'N Vigor in Lihue and Papayas Natural Foods in Kapaa.

CJM Country Stables is closest to the house and offers coastal rides.

Princeville Ranch is an hour away. Princeville Ranch is a working cattle ranch. They also offer zip line and other adventures. Worth checking out.

Silver Falls Ranch - also on the north shore.

Farmers Markets are held outdoors around the island every day. Be sure to get there early. Our community grocery stores (Sueoka's and Kukuiula) usually have locally grown produce every day and compete well on price.

All directions are from Poipu.

Day   Market   Time  Location    
Monday Koloa Noon Koloa Ball Park. On your right ¼ mile out of Koloa town heading toward Lihue on Maluhia Rd.
  Lihue 3pm Kukui Grove parking lot behind K-mart.
Tuesday Kalaheo 3pm Kalaheo Neighborhood Center. Turn left on Papalina from Kaumualii Hwy‑50. Take the first left.
Wednesday Kapaa 3pm Kapaa New Town Park. Turn left at the ABC Store (Hwy 581). Follow the road for ½ mile then turn right at the ball park. The market is held in the back parking lot.
Thursday Hanapepe 3pm Hanapepe Community Center. Turn into Hanapepe Town. Take the left turn midway through town and the market will be on your right.
  Kilauea 4:30pm Neighborhood Center on Keneke Rd off Lighthouse Road.
Friday Lihue 3pm Vidinha Stadium. Southwest of the airport in the stadium parking lot on Hoolako St.
Saturday Puhi 10am Kauai Community College
  Kekaha 9am Kekaha Neighborhood Center just off the highway on Elepaio Rd

The nice thing about staying in Poipu is that it's about an hour and a half to get to the end of the road on the north shore and close to the same distance in the opposite direction to go to the canyon and Kalalau lookout.

Maha'ulepu is one of my favorite hikes and is also the closest. It can be started right from the house. Walk out the front door to the ocean and turn left. Walk along Pe'e Road as it winds up the crater then cut through the parking lot at the Embassy Suites then along public paths to the beach fronting the Hyatt then up the limestone trail continuing along the coast.

We often start from the Shipwrecks Beach parking lot heading east - a few minute drive. There are a number of trails that roughly parallel the coast. The total length is about 3.5 miles each way. Better for late afternoons or early mornings. Bring water. Also good for whale watching November-March.

Some other favorites are Hanakapi'ai on the Kalalau trail and Awa'awapuhi in Kokee. There are a number of other trails in the canyon area that are very nice (Waipo'o Falls, Pihea, Alakai Swamp and more). Some shorter, some longer. The Kukui Trail is popular for those that like a long steep trail in the hot sun.

I also really like the Nonou Trail (Sleeping Giant) and Kuilau on the east side about 45 minutes away. You are welcome to phone me while you're here so I can point you in the right direction depending on weather.

Extra vigilance is required on Kauai trails due to rapid erosion, undermining and loose volcanic soils and rocks. We stay well back from the edge.

We've enjoyed delicious food at events catered by Chef Thomas Ryan, at Custom Catering Hawaii. 808-332-9856

Checking weather ahead of arrival is always a good idea but it is amazing how many forecasted rain days turn out to be sunny and beautiful! Forecasts are revised often. Also keep in mind that the weather station is at the Lihue airport which is not as dry as Poipu. The north shore tends to be quite rainy at times.

Rain here is typically passing showers. When we do get a rainy spell, Salt Pond Beach Park is typically drier. It will be best during the week. Occasionally we'll get Kona winds when the wind comes out of the south. The east and northeast beaches typically have better weather under those conditions. Lydgate is a good choice.

There are tradeoffs between a private vacation home and a resort with a pool and tennis courts. One consideration is our proximity to beach. The first beach is Brennecke's which is known for body boarding. Next is the protected shallow sandy bottom lagoon at Poipu Beach. After that you’ll find a bigger bay which is usually ideal for snorkeling and swimming. Lifeguards are stationed at Poipu Beach.

There are no public pools in the area. We enjoy playing tennis at the lighted public courts in Koloa.

The Beach House is our current favorite for food and views. Reservations are recommended unless you'd like to sit in the bar area. Pizzetta's in Koloa has a superb ono picatta. Try Da Crack, a Mexican take out place adjacent to Kukuiula Market by the fire station. Another favorite is Brick Oven Pizza about 15 minutes away in Kalaheo. 

Our favorite happy hours are at Ruth's Chris and Kalapaki Joe's in Poipu.

For truly local style food there are a few places in Lihue: Garden Island Barbeque (lunch and dinner), Kauai Pasta and KCL Barbeque. Here is a review link

Kauai has great scenic vantage points that don't require any or just minimal walking. The closest is Spouting Horn in Poipu. There are several official lookouts on the way up to Waimea Canyon that require various degrees of walking. There are several more where you can just pull the car off the road. You'll see them clearly as you drive up. The Kalalau Valley lookout is one of my favorites. This one requires about a 300 yard walk. Also check out Wailua and Opaekaa Falls and the Hanalei Valley lookout in Princeville.

Apprehension about sending payment is completely understandable. We would be concerned too!

We are long time members of the Poipu Beach Resort Association. Aikane Kauai is listed in the Lonely Planet Kauai Guidebook as an Editor’s Choice and we’ve advertised with HomeAway and Trip Advisor/Flipkey for many years. We are locally owned, fully licensed and a professionally managed company with integrity and deep roots on Kauai. We are full time Kauai residents.

Generally, the best snorkel beach is right around the corner from the house between Poipu Beach Park and the Marriott. It's about a five minute walk along the coast and across the beach park. Another fun place is just adjacent to the Beach House Restaurant. You will find several snorkel/mask sets at the house. 

SUP/Standup Paddle Boarding
Kalapaki Bay is the most popular place to go. Boards can be rented nearby. Outfitters Kauai now offers a SUP tour.

Try Kauai Surf School. Book on their website or phone 808-651-6032.

Here's a link for surf forecasting.
For board rentals, try Nukumoi Surf Shop.

There are about a dozen surf breaks on the south side. The closest to Aikane is Waiohai (in front of the Marriott Hotel). It is a right and left hander and generally on the softer intermediate side. It is one of the most consistent spots on the island. There are a few other spots a mile west of the house. All depend on wind, tide and swell for best conditions.

We like to play tennis at Koloa Park where you'll find 2 lighted courts. The courts are located on Maluhia Road (tree tunnel road), just outside of Koloa, heading east toward Lihue. They'll be on your right.

Aikane Kauai is by the beach and on the edge of the tsunami zone according to the civil defense map. Our personal residence is 3 miles from the coast and we would gladly open our home to our guests if ever needed.

Hawaii Civil Defense conducts siren testing on the first working day of each month at 11:45am. Here's the map:

The weather is generally sunny in Poipu year-round. Here are the averages. Temperatures mostly range from high 60's at night to low 80's during the day. The weather forecasts are for usually for Lihue where the airport is located. Poipu is drier than Lihue. When rain is forecast it usually just means passing showers.

We've spent countless evenings enjoying sunsets, meals and conversation with family and friends in comfort on the lanai. We make it a point to have no standing water on the property and encourage everyone to keep screen doors closed, keep countertops clean and not leave food out. Additionally, we've been conscientious about making this a low allergen environment. The only carpet is on the stairs.

Wild chickens are famously found everywhere on Kauai. If one does decide to roost here, we will relocate. We prefer chickens kept well away from the property unless properly cooked and seasoned.

Why stay on the South Shore?
Poipu is the sunny side of the island and gets plenty of sunshine year round. It is centrally located giving you quick access to several beaches within minutes of walking out your door. There is a  beautiful coastal walk and secluded beaches along the wild Mahaluepu Coastline yet still with dining, golf and shops nearby. The area beaches offer good swimming and snorkeling even in the winter when the famously large surf rolls in to the north and west shores.

Hanalei Bay is an hour drive (1.5 hours to Ke'e Beach/Kalalau Trail). And in the opposite direction you'll find the remote beaches of Polihale and the spectacular vistas and hiking at Waimea Canyon and Kokee. Easy to see on a road map. Imagine driving to Waimea Canyon if you were staying on the north shore - it's a 2 hour drive each way.

Why stay at Aikane Kauai?
We understand the challenge of picking the best place at the best price. Here are some thoughts;

1. Rates: Our rates are among the lowest for such a nice home by a variety great beaches. Spending a little more for the convenience and view is worth it. Our home is light, open and cool and comes fully equipped with boogie boards, beach chairs, beach umbrellas, WiFi and about everything you may need for a great, relaxing stay. As owner-managers, we enjoy offering our place at a good value that people will want to return to and also recommend to their friends. Most of our reservations are returning guests and their friends.

2. Location: Aikane is among the small handful of homes by great swimming, snorkeling and body boarding beaches. You won't have to drive to get to the beach.

3. View: Our website purposely shows actual views from the property. You can also see what the surrounding area is like.

4. We are your personal resource. You are welcome to phone us anytime for suggestions on how to get the most out of your stay. We have a personal stake in making sure you have a great time on Kauai and we hope you'll return!

Convenience, location and value. All things considered, this really is a great place to stay.

Please let us know if there is anything else you would like included or if there are any bum steers on this page.

Have a question about Aikane Kauai or Kauai in general? Contact Chris at


Kauai Vacation Rentals at Poipu Beach. Aikane Kauai ocean view vacation rental home.  Kauai Vacation Properties®.


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