Aikane Kauai Ocean View Vacation Rental Home at Poipu Beach, Hawaii

Brennecke's Beach just around the corner from Aikane Kauai  

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Driving directions are below the map


DIRECTIONS (This is one of several ways to get to the house from Lihue Airport)

Follow the center exit lane out of Lihue Airport which puts you on 
Highway 570 for 1.3 miles. The highway ends at the light on Hwy 56. 
Turn left onto Hwy 56 then go for the right lane. Hwy 56 swings to 
the right and turns into 50 West.

From the time you get on 56 it’s 6.8 miles to the Tree Tunnel (Hwy 520). 
Turn left onto Hwy 520 for 3.1 miles. This is right through the tree tunnel.

There is a "Poipu Beach" sign just before the road ends at Koloa Town. 
Turn right, go past a couple shops and a Chevron gas station then turn 
left onto Poipu Road. This is a continuation of Hwy 520.

There is another sign for Poipu Beach 2.4 miles later. Turn right onto
Hoowili Road. The short road ends at the park.

Turn left onto Hoone Road then it's almost .3 mile to Nalo Road which will 
be on your left. This is the very next road past Brennecke’s Beach. 
Aikane Kauai is the third house on the left closest to the road. 
The house address is 2271 Nalo Road.
Driving time is about 25 minutes.

The house marker (red pointer "A") is to the lower right on the map below.

Please note: The online maps may shift and point to neighboring properties.
Google Street View shows our hedge, the neighbor's one story home and sidewalk median before the grass was planted.

Here's our place from the Nalo Road:

Kauai Vacation Rental Home at Poipu Beach

Kauai Vacation Rentals at Poipu Beach. Aikane Kauai ocean view vacation rental home.  Kauai Vacation Properties®.


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Aikane Kauai is among the closest vacation rentals to Poipu Beach. Ocean view, air conditioned bedrooms, locally owned and professionally managed with aloha.